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What Is Your Chinese Zodiac?

Year of the Rooster


Roosters your overall luck will have an upward trend in 2022, and you will have the opportunity to obtain a platform to showcase your talents. You will inevitably encounter setbacks in the process, but as long as you persist and don't give up, you can win success. Your career is truly in a fortuitous space this year and you must seize this rare opportunity. You must learn to fight for success in your projects, try to use your strongest talent at your disposal. Roosters, you have sharp powers of judgement and are extremely astute, you can use this to your advantage when making tough creative choices. We know that creating music can be an expensive task however try not to over-spend so you can save up for that next release


Year of the Dragon

RiRi AKA Rihanna

Last year of the Ox was tough, but your positive attitude has also driven out a lot of bad luck. Life will be much better than previously, especially in your career. As long as you work hard on the groundwork, you will surely get rich returns. You have a flourishing career horoscope this year. You could receive recognition in your career or maybe those royalties are starting to come in. Make sure to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues to avoid unnecessary trouble (share the love!) You also have good wealth prospects this year, and you should get rich results through your hard work. Take care of your health, and make sure to take time out to re-charge and restart.


Year of the Rat

Hailee Seinfield

Entering the year of the Tiger 2022, your fortune will be more stable than last year. Although you may feel stagnant at times this year will pass smoothly. Be wary when signing various documents or contracts. Rat people, you must make sure to read the fine print to avoid any disputes in the future. 2022's career is in its developmental stages, if you are willing to put in the effort, then you will usher in an upswing in your career. Lay a solid foundation this year and maintain good relationships both personally and professionally enabling you to reap success. Embrace your surroundings, in your free time go hiking or breathe the fresh air, this will only help fuel your creative ideas.


Year of the Snake

Billie Eilish

You will encounter some setbacks and difficulties in 2022 but in the end, they will all be overcome and sorted out, your overall fortune will be good. As long as you have more patience, you will be able to solve difficult problems. Feelings of instability may feel like your biggest problem this year. Snakes, when you are over-stressed and upset, you are recommended to travel to soothe your mood (exploring fuels creativity) You have great career prospects for 2022, a major goal you have been working toward is likely to come into fruition or you may see an increase in those royalties. Your colleagues and seniors could play a large role in your development. Fortunately, this year you will meet people who will help you on your artistic journey. Under their guidance, you will see your career thrive. When you are in a low mood, go out with your partner, friends or family, breathe the fresh air of nature, and release any suppressed emotions through your music.


Year of the Tiger

Lady Gaga

As you again enter your zodiac birth year 2022, you must be psychologically prepared. Many things will not go according to your expectations. Being in your birth year, you will easily be in opposition to Tai Sui (the star/god of age), so you will need to be cautious in your undertakings. Tiger people, you should wear accessories that match your zodiac sign this year to defuse bad luck (fashion game strong!) You will have the opportunity to achieve a major goal or get an increase in those royalties however, after seeing this success, you will need to handle your interpersonal relationships well to curate a work/life balance. You will have stable financial luck, and we recommend keeping a reserve fund for emergencies. Take care of your health through exercising, going to the park or climbing, to keep your body and mind prepped for your busy lifestyle.


Year of the Dog


You are destined to have good fortune in 2022, showing an upward trend compared to the previous year, according to Chinese astrological predictions. You will have more inspirational moments this year. Dogs, you are advised to go out more, communicate with others, and not close yourselves off. Learn to seize any opportunity to use your strengths in your work and shine. Dog people who are engaged in creative work, you will live up to your ambitions this year, you will find that creativity and inspiration continue to come to mind and through this, you will be able to show your talents and win favour. Your overall income projection this year is very impressive but make sure to prioritise those things that make you happy, go out to relax with your family in your spare time, or cultivate hobbies like colouring or swimming, which can relax your busy mind.


Year of the Sheep


This Tiger year is a year to look forward to for Goat Zodiacs. There will be greater development in your interpersonal relationships and your career development is ideal. You will show your talents in the projects you undertake. Give full play to your leadership skills, you will need to continue working hard to move forward and to have your talents recognised.


Year of the Horse


Your luck this Tiger year 2022 will show an upward trend, especially in terms of career development. As long as you know how to seize an opportune time and go all out in your projects, industry leaders will see your shining attributes. Stress and poor sleep quality this year may be poor, so it is recommended that you listen to some light music before going to bed to help you fall asleep. You will see a steady rise in your career luck this year. Your projects will require your focus to ensure they progress smoothly to reap your success. If you want to face new challenges, it may be time to look for bigger opportunities elsewhere. Although 2022 could bring you great luck, remember to pay attention to mental health. You may need work to keep a healthy balance of both work and life, to ensure you do not become overwhelmed.


Year of the Monkey

Alicia Keys

When opinions are in opposition, calm down and communicate slowly to avoid a lot of unnecessary conflicts. Monkey people will need to comparatively work more to achieve anything in 2022. Changes are not necessarily a bad thing in the end, and sometimes they are a blessing in disguise. You will have good career luck, you must strive for perfection and must pay extra attention to details. You must strive to seize your opportunities and, at the same time, analyse the risks that may arise.